Anticipation Grows Amid Speculation on Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval

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Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are abuzz with anticipation as rumors circulate regarding the potential approval of a spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 5. The excitement has been fueled by cryptic tweets and claims, with notable figures in the industry contributing to the speculation.

Social Media Frenzy:

Grayscale’s chief legal officer, Craig Salm, recently ignited speculation by sharing a tweet mentioning that he was “just filling out some forms.” Additionally, a widely shared tweet from TechCrunch crypto reporter Jacquelyn Melinek, citing sources “extremely close to the matter,” suggested that multiple ETF approvals could be expected on Friday. The resulting surge in interest is evident in the trending hashtags #ETFBitcoin and “Bitcoin ETFs” on Twitter.

Market Reaction:

Despite the fervor, the cryptocurrency market experienced a momentary setback, with Bitcoin (BTC) witnessing a sharp drop from $44,700 to $43,200. This came shortly after a robust recovery from the flash crash on January 3, signaling the market’s sensitivity to the ongoing speculation.

Analysts’ Caution:

While the social media speculation points to a potential approval on January 5, some analysts counsel against premature excitement. Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart referred to the current buzz as “noise” and suggested that approval is more likely to occur between January 8 and January 10. Senior Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas emphasized that the SEC is in the process of providing final comments, and issuers are expected to submit their final 19b-4 and S-1 forms shortly afterward. Both forms require SEC approval before an ETF can commence trading, with an approved 19b-4 form being crucial for the spot Bitcoin ETF’s effective approval.

Issuer Lineup:

The spot Bitcoin ETF, if approved, would be a groundbreaking development in the United States, generating significant anticipation among crypto market participants. Notably, there are 14 issuers vying for approval, including prominent names like BlackRock, Valkyrie, ARK Invest, 21 Shares, Bitwise, and Fidelity.

Market Outlook:

As the cryptocurrency community awaits a potential milestone with the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF, the market’s resilience and ability to rebound from speculative fluctuations are evident. Analysts and industry insiders continue to monitor developments closely, recognizing the transformative impact that the first spot Bitcoin ETF in the United States could have on the broader crypto landscape.


As the clock ticks toward the speculated date of approval, the cryptocurrency community remains on the edge of its seat. The SEC’s decision on the spot Bitcoin ETF holds the potential to influence market dynamics significantly, making it a focal point for investors, traders, and enthusiasts alike. Stay tuned for further updates on this unfolding story that could reshape the landscape of cryptocurrency trading in the United States.

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