Judge permits Twitter to expedite its lawsuit against Elon Musk

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Twitter’s representative urged that the judge in Delaware expedite the trial of the botched transaction with Elon Musk. The crisis surrounding the transaction has actually gotten so out of hand that every hour of uncertainty affects the company’s brand and, consequently, its earnings.

Elon Musk has previously urged the exact opposite: a thorough analysis of the specifics of the case, which cannot be completed quickly.

The businessman is adamant that the case of spam accounts on the website has to be studied because of how many of them there are and how it affects the social network’s worth. According to Musk’s attorneys, a court hearing should be scheduled for no sooner than February 13, 2023.

Following a virtual hearing, Judge Kathleen McCormick approved Twitter’s request for an expedited ruling. October is the anticipated date for the social network’s lawsuit against Elon Musk to begin.

According to a judge’s colleague, Musk’s odds of succeeding in the lawsuit were significantly diminished as a result of the decision to expedite the trial. Similar procedures are frequently carried out by McCormick, and in such instances, her decisions were more frequently in favor of concluding the sale.

For instance, she compelled Snow Phipps Group to conclude the $550 million acquisition of DecoPac Holdings in 2021. The judge was not persuaded to halt the acquisition by justifications about the coronavirus epidemic and the resulting conditions.

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