Exports from Germany have reached an all-time low.

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Germany’s exports to Russia have dropped to their lowest level in nearly two decades, and the aftermath of the raid has led to a reduction in overall commerce. Due to sanctions and further steps to restrict exports, as well as inappropriate behavior by market participants, sales to Russia plunged 63 percent to around $860 million in March, according to the German Federal Statistical Office.

In comparison to the previous month, total exports decreased by 3.3 percent. As a result of the sting operation, Germany’s economic outlook has deteriorated, as its core industrial sector faces a resource deficit and record inflation.

According to analysts, the current situation will hasten the deglobalization trend and prolong high energy and commodity prices, making the German export sector even more vulnerable.

The global economy is, of course, affected by the coronavirus crisis in China, in addition to sanctions constraints. Carsten drew attention to the issue of supply chain interruption.

Restrictions have previously been enforced in Shanghai, China’s largest port city, causing logistical challenges around the world.

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