In the United States, another IPO for electric cars is being planned

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The latest business to announce preparations for a permanent public offering is Atlis Motor Vehicles. With the rapid growth of global electrification, an increasing number of EV start-ups are considering an IPO to attract funds.

The business, situated in Mesa, Arizona, is working on an electric truck that, according to Atlis, can compete in payload capacity with diesel trucks. The development is projected to prove to be the greatest electricity choice for agricultural and construction applications.

The business plans to debut on the Nasdaq under the ticker “AMV” this summer, with the proceeds going toward expanding its development and manufacturing teams. Analysts, on the other hand, say that this is not the greatest moment for an IPO due to a lack of resources as a result of the situation in Ukraine, as well as supply chain problems as a result of China’s COVID-19 lockdowns. Following last year’s record highs, interest for initial public offerings in the United States waned in early 2022.

Due to the previous poor experience, investors are extremely wary of the electric vehicle business. Rivian’s dramatic initial public offering (IPO) flopped terribly. The company went public in early November 2021, and six months later, its stock is almost three times cheaper than when it was first listed.

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