Google Bans Third Party Cookies

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Google is facing a fresh complaint from Germany’s largest publishers and advertisers, which are demanding that the EU intervene over the search giant’s plan to stop the use of third-party cookies.

The European Commission has been warned that the plan could breach EU antitrust rules. The complaint was made in a letter sent to the Commission earlier this week by the Association of German Publishers and Advertisers (VDA).

The complaint comes as Google faces increasing pressure to change its behaviour in the wake of the EU’s landmark decision to fine the search giant €2.42bn for abusing its dominance of the online search market.

In its complaint, the VDA argues that the move to block third-party cookies could have a “serious impact on users” and that it would reduce the number of publishers and advertisers that use Google’s services.

The VDA argues that the move would also reduce competition for Google’s search services, which could force Google to cut prices, increase its offers and lower quality.

“This would be an unacceptable move, which would have a serious impact on users and on the market,” the VDA said in its complaint.

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