Cryptocurrencies That Could Outpace Bitcoin

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Ethereum could overtake Bitcoin as the market’s largest cryptocurrency in the not-too-distant future.
Solana’s transaction-processing speed could spur adoption that translates into big gains for its cryptocurrency.
Brave’s innovative services could help push its digital token significantly above current price levels.
And it’s not just Brave’s services that have a shot at doing so.
Ripple, one of the most popular blockchain protocols, has been making serious headway in the financial services world.
And even though Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency is currently the fifth-largest crypto, its growth potential could eventually eclipse that of Ethereum.
The Coin Shark reached out to a few of the aforementioned projects to see what they think about the future of cryptocurrency.
But one crypto project thinks it could take a much bigger bite out of the market than Bitcoin ever did.
The cryptocurrency behind the Ethereum blockchain, Solana, claims it can process transactions at five times the speed of Bitcoin and 10 times that of Ethereum.
This could have a profound effect on the market as it creates a whole new class of cryptocurrency

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