Gold Records Losses

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The price of gold recorded significant losses on Friday, with investors moving away from the precious metal and turning to other investment moves.

After yesterday’s rally, the price on the April contract of gold closed with losses of 2% or $ 38.7 at $ 1,887.6 an ounce. On a 7 day period basis ended with a fall of 0.6%.

The May contract for silver closed today with losses of 2.8% at $ 24,017 an ounce, completing around the unchanged week.

May copper strengthened slightly today by 0.5% closing at $ 24,017 a pound with a weekly drop of 0.8%, platinum in April lost 1.1% dropping to $ 1,050 an ounce by -2.5% for the week , while palladium in June, although it fell by 5.4% today, closing at $ 2,365 an ounce, for the week recorded + 1.2%.

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