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FINANCIAL-FX  –   Business. Ideologically neutral. Reliable.


FINANCIAL-FX was established in 2020.
The FINANCIAL-FX.COM website was created in 2021.

With a focus on rigorous analytics, the newspaper covers business, economics, markets and politics around the world. We recognize that today’s person lives in the midst of a massive, often chaotic information flow, so we aim to answer not only “What happened?” but also “Why did this happen?” in each of our publications.

At the same time, we’re on top of things, thanks to the core weekly publication pattern, which has bred a staff prone to swift assessments of current events.

The publication was originally intended for the business community. However, it became evident later that FINANCIAL-FX is read by people from all walks of life – those who aspire for growth and awareness of the world around them. So we started an “Educational” section on our website for everyone to join the community.

Our goal is to educate, inform, enlighten, and inspire people.

The journal was founded during a period of rapid economic and political development around the world. Furthermore, it was developed by members of the scientific community.
As a result, the FINANCIAL-FX’s style includes a deep analysis of key trends, the direction and velocity of change, and forecasting the future. FINANCIAL-FX as one of our English admirers put it, is a publication that is very argumentative.

“FINANCIAL-FX” examines events from a liberal-conservative standpoint, or “is ideologically neutral,” as one of our readers put it.

“We aim for a pragmatic approach. An another of our ideological pillars is to follow the interests of our readers.”

The main headings of the weekly publishing schedule:

  • Market overview;
  • Political overview;
  • Science;
  • Technology;
  • Educational materials;

The main headings of the daily publishing schedule:

  • Economy;
  • Business;
  • Cryptocurrency;
  • NTFs;
  • Martets;
  • Political;

Our daily audience is 50 thousands readers.